What is WordPress? Why is it so Popular? Major Sites Powered by WordPress


Did you know almost 30% of the websites in the world are powered by WordPress? If you have just discovered WordPress then there are a wide range of questions that may come to mind. The online website creation tool written in PHP and probably is the easiest blogging and content management system. Starting a website is fun, especially when you decide to choose WordPress as your blogging partner. It comes loaded with a broad array of features that help your website reach a lofty end.

Let's start with what is WordPress and then scroll down to read everything you need to know about WordPress. In the following post, you can find WordPress Statistics, Major Sites Powered by WordPress and why is WordPress so popular.

What is WordPress

If you aren't familiar with WordPress, then in simple words WordPress is an amazing open source website platform. The software is designed for everyone, who puts a focus on accessibility, performance, and ease of use. WordPress is a software that is friendly to the newbies and well as intermediates. Furthermore, it is a powerful blog tool that enables bloggers to take care of all vital elements for a blog.

WordPress has been also termed as the most popular content management system. WordPress is completely free to install, there are lots of templates that make it a more powerful source. The WordPress Community is growing and has become exclusive. Since its advent in the year 2003, WordPress has evolved in a very aggressive manner.

If you need a website with just a few web pages, then WordPress is the best platform. One does not need any coding knowledge to develop a simple WordPress website. WordPress themes add a lot to the appearance and functionality of a website. Therefore you can get a professional looking website without much hassle.

Why is WordPress so Popular?

If you have read the above explanation then you must have received a brief idea of why is the website creation too so popular. Howbeit, we have provided a detailed walkthrough of the answer here. If you are not the sort of guy who loves to tinker with codes then you would probably love WordPress.

WordPress Does Not Lock You

You might be aware of some free website tools like Wix and Weebly. However, there are some drawbacks of those proprietary services. These lock you within their space, but WordPress websites can be hosted anywhere and can be taken to an enormous level anytime.

WordPress is Free

WordPress is free! This is a matter of joy for everyone who has been using the platform. You can download and install WordPress without paying a single penny. Moreover, WordPress websites can be modified anytime, you can change the theme, AD plugins and make it functional.

Much Room for Expansion

Once you decide to choose WordPress as your web companion, it comes with no costs linked to developing a WordPress website. A majority of the WordPress plugins are free. You can download and install plugins for SEO, Functionality, and Interface of the website. This is one of the foremost features that bound the users to love WordPress.

Highly Customizable

Another factor that makes WordPress popular is that it can be customized to a great extent. The flexible framework of the portal enables designers and developers to modify the layouts, add web pages, application and shower it with information. It also supports user-generated extensions that are not limited by extensions.

Does Not Require High Skills

WordPress is designed for everyone, not just developers. Therefore if you have less or no knowledge about coding you can create a WordPress website for yourself. The portal was developed by a team of bloggers who were not tech savvy. Thus, they tried keeping the user-interface friendly and made the management console easy to use.

WordPress is SEO Friendly

According to researchers, WordPress is 99% SEO friendly. Google and Other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing usually rank WordPress websites as they can be easily crawled by them. What adds to it is it takes all the SEO responsibilities. The Yoast SEO plugin available for WordPress websites lets you perform on page hacks without any extra costs.

Troubleshooting is Easy

The WordPress Community helps in troubleshooting. The support forum for WordPress has a massive number of active users as well as developers. Once you enter the forum you can find a solution to a wide range of problems. Search for your query and resolve with those easy walkthrough's present there.

WordPress is Secure

The security standard of WordPress makes it popular. Regular updates released by WordPress lets you stay protected from vulnerable hackers. In fact, hacking takes place when you lack the adequate level of knowledge and awareness. However, if you learn the user of basic security tools, use premium themes and download plugins from wordpress.org then your website would be away from spam and malicious activities.

Create any Kind of Website with WordPress

Any sort of website can be developed using WordPress. Whether it be a photography website, a service page or membership portal WordPress can power it.

Major Sites Powered by WordPress

If you are thinking that WordPress is just limited to intermediates, then you are totally wrong. There are a lot of major sites which have been powered by WordPress. Here are some of the most notable and big brands that use WordPress.


The New Yorker

BBC America

Bloomberg Professional

Star Wars Blog


Sony Music

MTV News



Sweden's Official Website


cPanel Blog

The Walking Dead AMC

The Mozilla Blog

The Wall Street Law Blog

WordPress Statistics

As talked earlier, WordPress has emerged to be a popular CMS. Therefore, we have gathered some facts that would leave you astonished.

WordPress Backs 26% of the Web

Recent studies have shown that nearly 26.4% of the websites are powered by WordPress. The graph tends to rise in the future. Every day more than 500 websites are created using WordPress.

44,225 WordPress Plugins with 1,253,649 Downloads

There are 44 thousand different plugins available for WordPress. This makes it difficult for the user to find the perfect plugin. With the enormous catalog of plugins, you can totally customize your website and turn it into anything possible.

56 Translations of WordPress

There are 56 translations of WordPress that makes it one of the most used content management system. The fans of WordPress are growing multilingual. If you are a WordPress fan then keep yourself updated with the latest translations.

Only 449 People run WordPress

Looking at WordPress one might be wondering what it must be having a huge team involved for the success. WordPress has only 449 employees who look after the content management portal and are responsible for its maintenance.

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