What Are The Facts That Makes Movie Posters Important Till Date?


What makes a film poster stand out, and it becomes one of the reasons that the movie achieved a huge response? A movie poster maker has to make so many things sure while working their magic on whether it's original film posters or vintage movie posters.

Here we will talk about the facts that make movie posters important even in this age of the internet.

The importance of movie posters:

The importance lies in so many ways. As a movie is about to release, an advertisement becomes necessary for it. Not just the TV commercials will do, but a practical visual is needed. So that people will stop to see the pictures and admire the art. Original movie posters are the refined and more advanced ones from the vintage movie posters, but they were as popular as the new posters are these days.

There are some facts that make a movie poster famous and simultaneously shows its importance.

Golden yellow:

The poster includes a golden yellow background. Its specialty is, it tries to show the plot in front of the public, not cramming the poster with figures and faces. One can make out a preliminary idea about the movie. Not much but an idea is enough. The help, Garden state is a fine example of the poster.

Orange and teal:

This combination of colors is used hugely on movie posters. Several original film posters have been made on this color combination, and people have shown their appreciation too. Tron, Inception and Hulk and many more like these have used the orange and teal combination for their posters.

Big name:

If the movie cast is centered around the protagonist, then this kind of posters are made. The protagonist's face is the main focus. It will be enough to make the movie big, as people will see their favorite actor's face focused on it. People will be more attracted towards the movie. Salt, The king's speech has this kind of posters.

Back capture:

A lone wolf signifies with this kind of posters. Movies like Spiderman, Van Helsing, Blade are the examples of these posters. Where the hero likes to act alone and not in a group. These theme-based movie posers are usually made with the protagonist's back. This symbolizes it perfectly.

Back facing back:

The leading characters are standing back to back position is the theme of these posters. So many posters have been made on this theme. The main thing is it catches the attention of people. It has that love-hate signs of the movie plot, which makes the poster stand out. Bride wars, Pretty woman, Game plan are the movies that had this kind of poster. Also if one remembers, these movies received great responses from people and they were a blockbuster hit for sure.

White and orange:

This color combination was used in vintage movie poster too. No wonder it will be used in modern day movie posters too. These posters signify the edgy side of the movies. Movies like, Ghost rider, The transporter, are that kind of movies which defines its posters best.

There are so many other facts that make movie posters crucial enough for a movie to become a sure shot hit. However, these are the facts that illuminate the most of it.

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Originally published at radixinfotechsolutions.wordpress.com on September 4, 2018.