Types Of Shot Blasting And Their Benefits


The method shot blasting is mainly used to polish metal. This technique is used in almost every industry, for the use of metal, rail, foundry, automotive, shipbuilding, aerospace and so many more.

Having a smooth surface is what is shot blasting is required for. Builders use this method with some useful machines, that helps in getting a polished metal surface. There are 2 types of shot blasting machines that are widely used in building construction.

Here we will give a brief introduction to 2 types of shot blasting machines that make this heavy task easier.

Wheel blasting:

In this particular method, the wheel keeps turning and throws continuous shots on the piece of metal the workers are working on. The rotating quality and efficiency of the wheel give the desired finished goods in a small amount of time. Furthermore, the workers need to be careful about the rotation of the wheel and the shots on metal to receive the desired results. A small mistake in the rotation technique might damage the blasting process, and the metal might end up not getting a smooth surface.

The benefits of wheel blasting:

  • Wheel blasting is better than air blasting. It's faster and an automatic procedure.
  • This method helps in detecting any faults on the metal. That's why it's more preferred by builders.
  • The smoothed and finished metal is free from any kind of scales, dust chemicals.
  • Wheel blasting doesn't remove any primary material from the metal while blasting.
  • This is the best method of removal of old paint and creating a new surface by the technique.

Air blasting:

This is another method of shot blasting. In this technique, compressed air and abrasive is used to smooth the metal surface. Air blasting generally is rather simple and advanced technique of shot blasting than wheel blasting. This is portable and used for corner metals that are filled with corners. Which makes this blasting a complex technique, but this is rather easy. So many builders, shipyards, owners use this unique technique of blasting for surface preparation and cleaning of coats.

The benefits of air blasting:

  • This technique is widely known for its increased production rate.
  • It has a huge selection of abrasive, and the one of the best pattern of the blast. Which is absolutely accurate.
  • This is a portable blast machine, which makes it more convenient than other machines and technique.
  • This technique is used to clean the coats.
  • This method helps in increasing the lifespan and durability of the surface coats.
  • Normal shot blasting machines include a separator, dust collector, wheel, cabinet, and elevator, but air blasting is rather an advanced technique.
  • This technique provides the best scale-free and clean surface.
  • Unlike other techniques, it separates the non-environment friendly materials from the metal surface

Furthermore, these are the best and two technologies of shot blasting. Both do a fine job in cleaning and smoothing the metal surface, for building purpose.

However, if anyone is looking for a shot blasting firm, should always go for the reputed ones, that can provide the best and efficient work without any glitch.

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Originally published at radixinfotechsolutions.wordpress.com on September 4, 2018.