8 Tips That Will Give You Celebrity Like Hair


Who doesn't love movies and TV shows? Everyone does! With the movies and TV shows come the stars. We love them! We know that at some point every one of us wonders, how the celebrities keep their hair so beautiful. They have to dress up and put loads of makeup, both on their face and hair. Still, they manage to have a beautiful hairdo. A hair stylist in Sutton will tell you the deepest secret of the celebrities or you can read some tips from the celebrities itself.

Your hair stylist in Sutton will give you the best tips to get a celebrity like hair, and if you follow them you will get what you wanted for your hair. So here are the celebrity and hair stylist in Sutton recommended tips for beautiful hair for your convenience.

Super cleaning

You must know that celebrities use too many hair products. Conditioner, dry shampoo, hair spray, and so on. All of these makes hair dull and damaged than ever. So how do they manage that? They go for deep cleansing. Select the best shampoo for the same purpose and clean your hair thoroughly with that. You will see, your hair will glow for you to stare at them.

Two shampoos

Hair stylists recommend to shampoo with two different shampoos. First, they use a cleansing shampoo to clean dirt, and then a hydrating shampoo. This way the hair becomes all fresh and H2O can pass within the roots. It's best for every hair type. So if you're investing much in one shampoo, try to divide it and see the excellent result.

Less heat for hair

Stay away from applying much heat to your hair. It will surely damage your hair the most. Heat makes the hair frizzy and unmanageable. So whenever you're about to blow dry your hair, try medium heat. Faster drying requires increased heat, take some out from your busy schedule and apply medium heat.

Paper dry

Instead of towel drying your hair, go for paper drying. Sounds weird? It's really not. Paper towels soak so much water than clothes, and it doesn't make your hair fall or frizzy. Cotton towel makes a friction which can harm your hair. So try using a paper towel, and see the difference.

Trim your hair

Try not to forget to trim hair regularly. All celebrities do that. If you trim your hair, it will look more healthy and your hair will grow naturally enough. If you had a new haircut, don't forget to trim. Because your hair is growing, so will your hair cut. So if you want to keep that style it's a must thing.

Keratin way

Celebrities also get keratin treatments. This process is very good for hair. As it helps in the hair growth and takes a good care of the roots. It makes hair all shiny and healthy at the same time. So if you want the same, save some money and go for it.


Deep condition your hair with any natural oil. It will keep your scalp healthy and make your hair shine. No other chemical conditioner can give this nourishment. So arrange some time and condition your hair with oil.

Satin pillowcase

It's time to go for satin or silk pillowcases. If you're already spending too much after your hair, you can certainly afford a satin or silk pillowcase. It will prevent hair damage and fall. Sleep on a satin pillowcase rather than on a cotton one, and see the difference.

These 8 tips for hair will prove very useful for you.

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Originally published at radixinfotechsolutions.wordpress.com on September 25, 2018.