8 Hair Care Tips For Every Pregnant Moms Out There


The time of pregnancy is the most wonderful time for every moms-to-be. The entire 9 months is joyous yet painful. However, it's not that a mom-to-be can't enjoy her life during this time. Still, pregnancy changes everything, from your hair to your toe. Speaking of hair, it needs to get managed during this time the most. An Epsom hairdresser will tell you how to maintain your hair during your pregnancy the best.

An Epsom hairdresser will pinpoint the problems you're having with your hair during this time. There are chances that during pregnancy you might have an excessive hair growth or it might become all frizzy, or it can end up in hair fall. Anything can happen. So to avoid these unpredictable hair situations, you must follow the tips we are listing here for you.

Massage your hair

Your hair needs the best nourishment during pregnancy. Nourishment with coconut oil, jojoba oil or olive oil will prove the best for you. Massage your hair with any of these oils and it will bring you the best nourishment for your hair. It will strengthen your hair from the roots, and you will not have to worry about hair fall anymore.

Avoid coloring and chemicals

It's written in nowhere that you can't color your hair during pregnancy, but it's still should be avoided at this period. It's mainly the side effects. Hair colors hold too many chemicals that can harm your skin and any allergic reaction might show up. So to avoid that, refrain from hair coloring and other chemical products.

Shampoo and conditioner

Shampoo and condition your hair with the good products. If you're having a dandruff problem during pregnancy, choose a shampoo and conditioner that will prevent it. Select a shampoo which matches your hair type, don't go for just anything but the best ones. Choose the herbal shampoos and conditioners, it will keep your hair healthy and clean too.

Combing technique

Refrain from combing your wet hair. Do not braid or tie up your hair while it's wet. It will break your soft hair easily. You're pregnant, you have lots of time in your hand, so don't rush for the combing part, and comb your hair when it's dry enough.

Trim regularly

Trim your hair regularly, and it will prevent your hair from getting rough and split ends. If you want, or if you're bored enough to spend your time at home, get a haircut. You're pregnant not out of style!

Avoid tight hairstyles

Try to keep a loose hairstyle. Do not braid your hair tightly, or don't go for tight hairstyles. It will harm the blood circulation inside the roots and will damage your hair. So go for loose braids, loose hairdo.

Less stress

Don't take much stress, and try to keep your mood light. It will help your hair so much. If you take the stress and worry too much your hair will start to fall, and you certainly don't want that. Read a book, listen to music stay upbeat.

Diet is important

Follow a doctor recommended diet for this time period. A healthy diet will keep you healthy and so will be your hair. A nutritious diet will keep your hair all glowing.

Follow these 8 hair tips during pregnancy and you will not complain not at least about your hair anymore.

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