8 Attention Grabbing Facts For Movie Poster Design


Movie posters are the advertisement we look forward to. Because they inform us about the movies that are playing in our nearest multiplexes. The shiny original movie posters make our heart feel good, that's why the big theatres get crammed with so many people.

Original movie posters are amazing to look at and they make so many people interested towards the movie just by their perfect design. Here we will talk about the 8 appeal inducing facts of movie posters.

1. Posters are work of art:

If anyone says, it's just a poster don't listen to them. The poster is a work of art in every way. People who make original movie posters, they try to make the poster perfect and eye-catching. The perfect visual of that certain poster will make the movie appealing to people, and the movie will sell like hotcakes!

2. Attention-grabbing:

The graphics, the message, the color, everything should be attention-grabbing. So that when people see the poster, they will just stand there to stare at it. Make the color and graphics stand out in a way, that it would seem the characters are literally coming out to grab the public. Moe like 3D effects it should be. The designs don't have to be with provocative images, but flashy and meaningful in every sense.

3. The title should be big:

Make a big title for the poster. The title should be a catchy one. However, the title can be anything, but it should be displayed huge. So that people can't ignore it. They have to see the title standing out over everything else. If there are other posters of garments, and other stuff, the original movie poster should stand out above all. People will be attracted just by the title and nothing else.

4. The show is huge:

Make the poster in a way where it doesn't have to tell people to watch the movie, but it will show all by itself. It will be appealing naturally to people. Make the graphics in a witty way, so that it will show people it's importance. The design should always be eye-grabbing and professional enough to do the task. It will surely do the attention turning work in one and one glance only.

5. Become bold:

Making a movie poster is not an easy task. One has to be very bold to do so. Make the poster theme bold enough to make a certain point. In the old days, normal posters used to start a revolution. Make a revolutionary movie poster for people to start a riot to watch the movie. A bold impact which will make the multiplexes flow and the tickets to run out in an hour.

6. Create a message:

Only pictures and decent color technique wouldn't make an original movie poster stand out in the public, but the message in the poster. Some witty texts will make the work done. Just pictures will not grab the attention of people, but the two lines will.

7. No to many colors:

Don't go for too many colors. Make it vibrant and eye-catching with just two or three colors. It will make the poster look good, and people will definitely turn their attention towards it. Too many colors might lower the appeal of the poster and the movie too.

8. Make perfect sequel poster:

If it's a sequel, then make it look worthwhile. So that people turn their attention towards it and becomes interested to watch the movie just by the poster. A sequel poster should compliment it's prequel to the fullest. It shouldn't look dull from any side at all.

These are some norms of perfect poster making of original movie posters. Follow these points and anyone can make amazing posters.

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