7 Tips To Maintain Your Oily Hair


If you're tired of having an oily hair. It's time to get some tips to avoid the extra oil from your hair. Every hair stylist in Epsom will give you the best tips to maintain your oily hair.

Oily hair not only damages your hair but it gives you bad oily roots. So no matter you shampoo, you will always worry about your hair stylist in Epsom will tell you the certain ways of keeping your oily hair managed.

So here we list the 7 ways you can do that.

Take a shower

Refrain yourself from being a stinky stinkerson, and take a shower every day. Also, make sure, you don't over wash your hair. It will make your hair more oily. It's best to take shower in the morning, so that way your hair will stay fresh for the entire day, and it will keep your hair bouncy too.

Rules of conditioning

Know the best way to apply a conditioner on your hair. Never go for full hair conditioning, it only makes your hair become more oily. The chemical will reach your hair roots and will damage your hair. Always apply conditioner from the mid-length to the hair tips. That way your hair will not become oily.

Dry shampoo

Dry shampoo will keep your hair less oily. There are so many dry shampoos on the market, choose the one you like and go for it. It will help you, whenever you don't have time to shampoo your hair. It will do the work for you. Your hair will look shampooed and bouncy all the same. However, frequent use of dry shampoo isn't recommended by hair experts.

Brushing techniques

Brush your hair and you will turn into that fair maiden! No, brushing your hair all day long as you see in the old movies and fairy-tales. Over-brushing your hair will make the oil grow. If you're thinking not brushing your hair, that will also store oil in the hair roots. So try brushing your hair moderately. It will be safer.

Change the hairstyle

Change your hairstyle frequently. If you're doing the same hairstyle for months, it's the time to change it. You will see you can look beautiful in a different hairstyle too. Talk to your hair stylist in Epsom and try out a new hairstyle. It will help you keep your hair less oily.

Try not to touch

Refrain yourself from touching your hair all the time. Because your fingertips hold oil and if you keep touching your hair, and face it will become more oily. You're beautiful naturally, don't let your fingertips make that worse.

Wise choice of hair products

Choose your hair products wisely. Don't just go for the shiny ads and after your favorite TV artist's recommendation. If you select random products for your hair, it is destined that your hair will get damaged, and your oily hair situation will worsen. So go for salon recommendations for best results.

Follow these 7 tips to get an oil-free hair.

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