11 Frequently Asked Questions About Powder Coating


A powder coating offers protection and ornamentation over a metallic surface. It can be used on glass and wood too. This is an advanced technology that is used by builders to give the materials a nice finish.

Here, we will answer the 8 frequently asked questions, that are generally falls into the query of so many builders and owners.

1. Does powder coating contain solvent?

Powder coating does not consist of any kind of solvent. That's why it doesn't pollute the air. If anyone is using powder coating, they should be relieved, that the environment will not get damaged.

2. How durable is it?

The surfaces that get powder coated becomes resistant to fading, chipping, scratching and corrosion. The colors don't fade, and the textures, whatever the builder have chosen, remains intact. The matte finish to glossy smooth ones all survives for a long time.

3. What material can be powder coated?

Several things can be powder coated. Mechanical parts, furniture, venting, fixtures, railings, gates, lighting. These are just a few on the list.

4. Does it save money?

The absence of volatile organic compounds and less waste is the reason a large amount of money is saved. Thus it is in the best choice of the designers and builders.

5. What kind of metals can be used?

Steel alloys, stainless steel, aluminum, and galvanized steel can be used to powder coat. This technique can hold an electrostatic charge. So, it can be applied to almost every time of the material. As it has been mentioned above, it can be used on wood and glasses too.

6. The powder recyclable or not?

The powder is recyclable. During recycling, it doesn't produce much waste to damage the environment. So it is naturally safe.

7. How many colors and finishes available?

There are several colors and finishes are available in the market. One can choose from the vast range of colors and finishes. All will be unique and satisfactory enough to choose them for their buildings.

8. How good it survives?

Powder coating can survive all the harsh environments, and still shine like a pro. As this requires less maintenance, and it works great as finish touch on highlights for any building.

9. Does it have faster curing?

It has faster curing time than liquid ones. Liquid ones take time to dry, whether powder coating as the name suggests, it takes less time than ever. It can also have thick coatings compared to liquid ones, which generally doesn't form thickness and sags.

10. How many types of finishes are there?

There are several kinds of finishes available like veins, hammer, smooth and textured. Satin, matt, super-gloss, mirror finish are the parts of the smooth finish.

11. Is it safe?

The powder is entirely made off solid materials. It consists of no solvent in it, thus it's environment-friendly enough. Also, it can be cleaned very easily if any amount has been spilled on the ground. It doesn't affect the skin.

With all these advantages of powder coating, it becomes the superior kind of technique and mostly compared to liquid coating.

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Originally published at radixinfotechsolutions.wordpress.com on September 4, 2018.